Mark Hozza is a global executive who has guided companies to multimillion dollar growth and progress, all while working within the constraints of highly regulated industries. Over the years Mark has held senior positions at Bruker BioSpin Corporation, Tecan US Inc, and Merck & Co Inc.

Currently serving as a consultant via his own company, Dragonfly Life Science Consulting LLC, Mark is always looking for new opportunities to help companies utilize their assets, assemble cross-functional teams, and put improved processes into place.

Mark began his career in drug development and drug discovery at Merck & Co Inc. Within five years he had become a Senior Research Biologist; he also co-established and managed a high-throughput department within the company. Inspired by this experience, Mark began to pursue more opportunities in process development, business operations, and organizational leadership. He has since played an integral role in the growth and sustainment of numerous agile, profitable companies.

Mark’s exceptional approach to business is rooted equally in technical knowledge and a genuine belief that no business can thrive without the support and enthusiasm of its people. That’s why he always guides companies to operate with transparency and foster a more inclusive, supportive corporate culture.